Our team is comprised of consultants who are self directed, thought leaders and selfless in sharing their knowledge. We value our colleagues thoughts and opinions and learn from each other. If this is you, we can’t wait to hear more about what you can bring to our team of consultants.

Employee Benefits

Its not all about hard work, we are always working on improving the benefits for our most valuable asset, our consultants.

Professional Development

We allocate a training budget to support your Professional Development Plan

Social Club

We run social functions every month for staff to get back to base, meet their peers and have fun.

Parental Leave

Competitive paid parental leave is available for eligible employees. We also offer eligible employees a return to work bonus.

Flexible Hours

With manager approval, flexible working arrangements can be established to help employees balance life’s responsibilities.


We promote employee engagement and achievement supporting Company success, as well as encouraging employees to acknowledge their colleague’s efforts – this includes discretionary awards for day-to-day performance as well as larger rewards for exceptional performance.


Determined by the market, an employee’s performance over time, as well as the development of skills, knowledge and abilities. We take Performance Management seriously, and top performance is always recognised and remunerated appropriately.

How it Works

Our Recruitment Process

Application Screening

Once you apply for a role, we will review your skills and experience against the requirements for the role. If your application meets our criteria, we will contact you to arrange a phone interview.

Behavioural Interview

Our recruitment team will contact you to discuss your skills, motivations and career aspirations to see If being a PSC consultant is the right fit for you.

Technical Interview

One of our capability leads will meet with you to discuss the technical aspects of the role, and assess If your capabilities and experience make your the right fit.

Reference Check + Offer

You may be asked to provide references depending on the role, and If required, we may also ask your permission to carry out a Criminal Record or a Workers Right Status search. Once these are done, we may make you an offer.

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Available Roles

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