Constant change is entrenched in the business as usual sphere for all major organisations, but even as executives around the world look toward the next change to implement, there is a mounting list of failed projects and unsuccessful initiatives left in their wake. So, what can we do to avoid becoming another statistic on the ever-growing list of cautionary corporate tales?

A simple response is to ensure that we focus on identifying and pursuing the right change for the organisation. Often decisions about what to transform are guided by an immediate need to remain competitive which can result in misaligned priorities and tactical missteps. The latest tech trend on everyone’s lips is pursued without due consideration to addressing an actual problem impeding an organisation from achieving their strategic goals. Or alternatively, consultants commonly witness clients who pursue the implementation of a solution that they had utilised in a previous life. Whilst they may have delivered significant benefits for their previous organisation, when scrutinised, they do not actually align with their current organisation’s objectives.

Every organisation encounters unique issues that require bespoke solutions aligned to the strategy and goals articulated by the leadership team. A balanced strategy, incorporating the following three elements is crucial to achieving a successful transformation: All change initiatives should be driven by an organisational value proposition, for example improving efficiency, driving innovation or investing in growth opportunities. Being able to identify the right change can be a difficult proposition, particularly with the noise generated by daily operational activities masking the true value-add opportunities in front of us.

Setting the focus is a more complex task, as executives often do at significant risk of failure, attempt to cover all bases simultaneously. Narrowing the spectrum of goals to a single, distilled objective across competing team’s priorities might not be an easy task but is critical to success. Defining this fundamental objective should be established from within the organisation through cross-functional collaboration and open discussions.

Finally, following market trends may present superficial, short term benefits will often result in sustainable, long term strategic opportunities going unrecognised. Engaging the right partner to enable and facilitate the process of introspection before commencing major transformations can prevent significant financial and operational waste through missed opportunities in the future.

Pursuing the right change is not of itself a recipe for success. A competent leadership team, empowered by trusted strategic partners is the greatest of enablers. This requires a dedicated group effort with a mandate to inspect, recommend and implement meaningful change initiatives based on actual value to the organisation and its overarching strategy.

PS+C Glass’s team of strategy and innovation experts from diverse industry backgrounds, can strengthen the chance of success for organisations struggling in an age of continuous change and industry disruption. By prioritising value driven change built on the pillars of introspection, leadership and agility, we can ensure any organisational transformation does not become another statistic.

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